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A sad face is made in pills.

Disruptive Medication Processes Lead to Increases in Errors

Interruptions and distractions are a constant in nursing, especially when it comes to the medication ordering and administration process. To ensure optimal patient safety, the medication pass process should remain uninterrupted, however many disruptions are largely unavoidable. The very nature…

isolated patient rights and responsibilities declaration document on white. Please note that I generated this document and actually content of this judgment is common for every hospital.

Calling For A “Sixth” Patient Right

The five patient “rights” of nursing include the following: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, and right route. To further improve patient safety and outcomes, healthcare professionals and researchers at Brigham and Women’s Health are proposing a “sixth”…

Female doctor put her hands in her head, headache.

Implementing Technology to Create a Safer and Quieter ICU

Unlike other areas of the hospital, the ICU hasn’t undergone any major upgrades in the last 50 years, despite the fact that 6 million patients pass through these departments annually, according to an article in STAT News. Alarms that were…

Portrait of home caregiver holding in her hand a clipboard and consulting with senior woman while sitting at living room.

News Corner: ICU at Home: A New Care Model to Reduce Costs

Stakeholders in all areas of the hospital seek to reduce costs and readmissions while maintaining excellent patient care. The latest initiative gaining popularity involves providing intensive care at home, which has the potential to ease bed-capacity problems, cut costs, and…

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Shot of a mature male doctor working at a desktop computer in his office

News Corner: Increases in Electronic Prescribing and Communication Highlighted in Recent Report

Surescripts recently released its annual National Progress Report, which encompasses over 9.7 billion electronic transactions completed in 2015, including 1.4 billion electronic prescriptions. In addition to discussing advancements and increases in e-prescribing, the report suggests positive trends in electronic provider…

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News Corner: Celebrating National Health IT Week 2016

This week we celebrate National Health IT Week! Omnicell has partnered with HIMSS once again to show our dedication to improving health IT solutions across all types of healthcare settings. NHIT Week started on Monday, September 26th and runs through…

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