News Corner: The Rise of the Informatics Nurse: HIMSS Survey

The results of the 2015 HIMSS Impact of the Informatics Nurses Survey were released at the 2015 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference, which took place in Chicago, IL on April 12 – 16.   Nearly 600 C-suite executives, analysts, and informatics nurses participated in the survey, which was sponsored by the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.  The survey examined the growing role of nursing informatics in the hospital technology environment.

While the findings reflected positively on the growing role of informatics nurses, of particular mention is the result that 60% of respondents report informatics nurses have a “high degree” of impact on quality of care, with over 75% of respondents believing they add value to workflows, patient safety, and user acceptance.

In addition to nurses being central to improving patient care, they also provide tremendous value when they get more involved with operational issues such as technology decisions, workflow problems and new implementations.  As nurses continue to acknowledge and assert their ability to provide value on a structural level, others in the hospital environment should begin to recognize the full scope of their abilities.

While nurses are the most direct point of contact for patients and greatly impact the quality of care patients receive, this survey shows the enormous potential for them to also impact how technology operates and the healthcare system as a whole.

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