Informatics Nurses Impact Technology, Patient Care

According to a recent survey conducted by HIMSS, informatics nurses are greatly impacting health IT in a positive way.

In a field where nurse efficiency and satisfaction significantly influence patient care, it is crucial to recognize healthcare workers for their major contributions toward the improvement of the industry.

Profile of Survey Respondents

The 2015 HIMSS Impact of the Informatics Nurse survey follows research conducted in 2009 to calculate the effect informatics nurses have on the health IT environment. This year’s survey takes into consideration several areas of impact, including the clinical systems process, quality of patient care and emerging technologies.

The 576 respondents of the survey encompass a wide range of healthcare professionals, with two-thirds working for an organization that has an informatics nurse in a leadership position.

  • 80 percent of respondents identified as informatics nurses themselves
  • The three most frequently identified titles were: Clinical/Nursing Informatics Specialist, Director of Nursing Informatics, and Clinical Analyst

Key Findings

The overall results of the survey indicate that informatics nurses are viewed as bringing immense worth to the use of clinical systems and technologies at their respective healthcare facilities. Of the areas of impact explored in the survey, respondents reported that informatics nurses bring the greatest value to the implementation phase and the optimization phase of the clinical systems process.

Though the implementation phase was also cited as the highest area of impact in the 2009 study, this year’s respondents were much more likely to include the optimization process as an area where informatics nurses play an equally important role.

Other areas where informatics nurses were seen as having a positive impact included workflow, patient safety and user acceptance. In regard to quality of patient care, survey respondents reported a direct effect on patient experience as a result of the work of informatics nurses.

Role in Emerging Technologies

When it comes to implementing technology in their healthcare organizations, the survey respondents indicated that informatics nurses play a major role in the process. Overall, the findings show that informatics nurses are involved in at least one area of emerging technology at their facility, though the greatest impact was reported in the area of medical device integration, which was the top item selected in 2009 as well.

In addition, more than half of the survey respondents reported that informatics nurses played a large role in regards to smart devices. The least-indicated area of impact was identified as predictive modeling.

It makes sense that those who have cared for patients directly in their careers be integrally involved in implementing technology that supports patient care in their institutions.

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