New Website Provides Free Drug Diversion Resources

Headlines about drug diversion incidents are appearing with alarming frequency these days.

In July, a nurse was accused of taking controlled substances away from patients at a skilled nursing facility in Mississippi.

In August, a pharmacist working at two New Jersey hospitals admitted tampering with and stealing hundreds of vials of controlled substances. According to an article, he removed morphine sulfate, dilaudid and fentanyl from automated dispensing cabinets he had access to, and he allegedly used a needle to extract medication from the vials for his own use and then replaced it with saline solution.

While it’s easier to think “it could never happen at my facility,” you could be compromising the well-being of both your patients and staff by not addressing drug diversion. In addition, diversion can create enormous legal liabilities for your organization.

To help healthcare facilities tackle this difficult issue, Omnicell has developed a new website  Diversion Central offers a plethora of information and free educational resources, including:

Compendium on Diversion

The compendium, which was published in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, contains a selection of articles authored by pharmacy professionals about diversion. You can find out how your peers are tackling drug diversion and get ideas for addressing the problem at your institution.

eBook on Top Ten Ways Drug Diverters Steal Medications

This eBook reveals the most common methods healthcare workers use to divert medications. You will also learn ways to detect and prevent each method, so you are better able to curb diversion at your healthcare facility.

Diversion Blog Posts

The Diversion Central website includes links to our series of posts on drug diversion.  This series covers topics such as how diversion can endanger both patients and staff, how to spot diverters, and what to do when diversion is suspected.

Diversion Management Webinars

Access to upcoming and past webinars presented by a leading national expert on diversion prevention is also available on Diversion Central. Most webinars feature both a link to the recording and slides that can be downloaded for future reference.

You can still register for the next webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 noon EDT. The topic is “Better Safe Than Sorry – Best Practices for Infection Control Related to Drug Diversion.”  To learn more click here.

Taking Action to Reduce Risks

There will always be some staff who seek to divert drugs. Visit Diversion Central to find resources that will aid in setting up an effective detection and prevention program, so you can reduce the risks to your patients and your institution.

Download our infographic: 5 Ways Drug Diversion Can Harm Your Health Care Facility



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