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Monthly Archives: May 2016

News Corner: Increasing Healthcare Security Should Take Purchasing Precedence

In an attempt to better patient care, lighten nurse workloads, and improve hospital business, many facilities are upgrading their technology. This spend for technology for most hospitals, according to a recent study by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives,…

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The Dangers of Polypharmacy and How Pharmacists Can Help

It’s common for elderly patients to be on multiple medications, but many people don’t realize the dangers associated with this practice. As pharmacists well know, some medications can be dangerous when they interact with others, or when combined with common…

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News Corner: Telemedicine + Multistate Nursing Licensing = A Threat to Patient Safety?

Technology is often seen as a savior in times of crises. However, in the world of nursing it’s actually contributing to one. Due to advances in technology, the telemedicine industry is expected to reach $1.9 billion in 2018. This is…

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Stress—A Danger to Nurses and Patients

The fact that nursing is a stressful industry is nothing new. With long hours and lengthy task lists, nurses experience high levels of stress in their daily activities. While it’s obvious that nurses face an abundance of daily pressures, the…

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