News Corner: Celebrating National Health IT Week 2016

This week we celebrate National Health IT Week! Omnicell has partnered with HIMSS once again to show our dedication to improving health IT solutions across all types of healthcare settings. NHIT Week started on Monday, September 26th and runs through Friday, September 30th, bringing with it live gatherings in Washington, D.C., virtual events, webinars, a blog carnival, and a lot of social media engagement.

While last year’s NHIT week focused mostly on telehealth reimbursements and interoperability, this year the focus has shifted to other topics, including those brought into the spotlight by the upcoming presidential election. Prominent themes in 2016 include precision medicine, advances in telehealth, revisiting interoperability, how to drive innovation, population health and growing job opportunities in health IT.


Many states have begun implementing telehealth regulations, and telemedicine has grown immensely as an industry over the past few years—promising cost savings and convenience for patients, providers, and businesses. Telehealth offerings range from virtual care clinics to remote telepharmacy services, and have been improving care for rural areas with low levels of access to healthcare. 

Population Health

Following the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ announcement about increasing reimbursement penalties for high readmission rates, hospitals are embracing a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on improving patient behaviors outside of the hospital, and decreasing overall healthcare utilization. Not only does this improve reimbursements for hospitals, it reduces overall healthcare costs for managing chronic conditions and care in the community.

Growing Number of Jobs in Health IT

Along with the rise in technology adoption in hospitals, a new sector is emerging in job growth involving specialized understanding of HIT solutions. Whether combining HIT with another area of expertise, such a pharmacy or nursing, or focusing solely on technology, hospitals are continuously looking for trained experts to help them implement and customize solutions to optimize operations at their facilities.

For more information on roles in nursing IT, check out our blog series.

All these areas of focus represent an increased emphasis on understanding patient behaviors outside of the hospital setting. Patients, physicians, and payers all want to avoid costly hospital readmissions and streamline healthcare duties, which health IT helps ensure. For more updates about these topics, follow Omnicell’s social media channels during NHIT Week, and visit our website for more information on our hospital and community-based solutions.

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