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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Future of Smart Hospitals is Now

The term “smart hospitals” is nothing new in healthcare, but new technologies are helping take this slowly building trend to a new peak. Electronic health record (EHR) adoption in the hospital is at an all-time high—with 96% of hospitals using…

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News Corner: Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacist Month, #APhM2017, recognizing and celebrating the pharmacy profession and its staff, who contribute toward improving medication use and advancing patient care in all practice settings. Pharmacy roles are quickly growing as pharmacists are tasked with transition…

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The Opioid Crisis in Hospitals – What You May Not Know

It’s no secret that the opioid crisis has taken hold across the country. We continually see news reports and stories that highlight its serious repercussions. Earlier this summer, the federal government even went so far as to declare this crisis…

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