News Corner: Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacist Month, #APhM2017, recognizing and celebrating the pharmacy profession and its staff, who contribute toward improving medication use and advancing patient care in all practice settings.

Pharmacy roles are quickly growing as pharmacists are tasked with transition of care interventions, 24/7 medication order review, medication counseling, and learning new technologies. They are also aiding in the effort to reduce readmissions by meeting with and educating patients, as well as offering medication adherence packaging post discharge.

To celebrate these varied and increasingly patient-facing roles, the American Pharmacists Association recommends a few unique and fun ways to celebrate pharmacists throughout the month:

Community Settings:

  • Hold special events such as a health screening day or a flu shot clinic to help raise awareness of the pharmacy.
  • Host over-the-counter tours geared towards bringing in specific groups, such as parents or athletes, to aid in the understanding of selecting appropriate treatments for conditions that are likely to affect them.
  • Provide Medicare counseling to help deliver personalized information to seniors within the community.
  • Offer medication check-ups to provide information on expiration dates, drug interactions, and adherence.

Hospital Settings:

  • Create a lobby display promoting the pharmacy department with information about services provided and staff photos.
  • Schedule an open house and invite hospital employees to view daily operations and how medications move from initial order to the patient.
  • Talk to administrators to help build teamwork within the hospital and invite them to participate in any events throughout the month.
  • Visit patients in their rooms to answer any questions they may have about services or drug therapy and provide brochures or small giveaways.

Those working in healthcare understand the integral role pharmacists play and it’s important to help educate the general public about the myriad of ways these providers can positively impact their care. Whether you’re celebrating through using one of the suggestions from APhA or an idea of your own, be sure to celebrate this month and share what you are doing on social media by using #APhM2017.


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