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Our pharmacy-focused blog posts will help hospital, health system, and institutional pharmacists stay current on a variety of relevant topics. Read about clinical and operational practice issues along with information about pharmacy careers.

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5 thoughts on “About Pharmacy

  1. Hi, I am a pharmacy technician at a hospital that uses the Narcstation. We have a CS tech that pulls the narcs for each accudose in the hospital. Other techs deliver these to their assigned floor. Is there a product that works with the Narcstation that can scan the barcodes (on the papers that show what was dispensed to the accudose), and scan a barcode or have a tech sign into that will show that a tech received these narcotics. Currently we are using the papers themselves but a barcode system would be much faster. Maybe even an option on the narcstation themselves that show assigned loops and a tech will select the ones they are assigned and verify they have them before leaving the pharmacy.




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