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Tackling Readmissions: The Role of Hospital Administrators in Reducing Readmissions

This is the fourth and final post in our series on reducing hospital readmissions. With high readmission rates causing concerns—and steep financial penalties—for hospitals all over the country, medical professionals are seeking ways to reduce and prevent the number of…

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Wearable Technology and Healthcare Apps Benefit Nurses and Patients

The U.S. Department of Defense recently announced that they’re providing $75 million over five years as part of a cooperative agreement to advance the United States’ effort in electronics manufacturing. Industry, academia and local governments will contribute an additional $90…

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New Website Provides Free Drug Diversion Resources

Headlines about drug diversion incidents are appearing with alarming frequency these days. In July, a nurse was accused of taking controlled substances away from patients at a skilled nursing facility in Mississippi. In August, a pharmacist working at two New…

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Pharmacists’ Role in Improving Medication Adherence – Digital Patient Tools

This is the fourth and final post in our Medication Adherence series. While pharmacists can provide valuable support in medication management, the ultimate goal is to enable patients to manage their medications independently. For seniors, the ability to successfully manage…

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News Corner: 21st Century Cures Act Part 2: Telemedicine and Interoperability

As we discussed in our post last week, the recently proposed 21st Century Cures Act holds promise for many aspects of healthcare. While we previously focused primarily on how the new bill would impact the FDA and NIH, the proposed…

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